What is Project Monitor?

Itís an online Project Management System that allows managing, collaborating, tracking and administering wide variety of projects ranging in various kinds of engineering works.
Project Monitor is a tool that gives you a hierarchical control of the whole project based on access systems. Features like communication system through mails, statistical analysis of past and present projects.
Prominent Features
Project Management
Itís an online Project Management System that allows managing, collaborating...
Contract Management
The System provides interface for various aspects of Contract management like.. read more...

Unique Selling Point

  • Fast, Secure,Robust and Reliable System.
  • Hierarchical Distribution of Solution
  • Statistical & Graphical Representation of Data.
  • Simple and Easy to Understand therefore Short Learning Cycle.
  • Various Handy Tools for Managers giving a Top view of whole project.
  • Simulation and What-if Capability
Platform - Overview
Project Monitor is built on a secure robust platform. This platform has got inbuilt communication tools. The Scalable platform makes it suitable for wide variety of projects. Platform is suitable for small scale projects to Large Infrastructure based projects.
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